Brother Joseph

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Confused yet? Welcome to my world.

"Seriously you just pump this and that , who the hell cares, to get pumped" ..You could pump me  - Undisclosed female response

So , In Shop'Rite, my lovely G/F says "Uh oh"  which usually means "I gotta fart". She farts, and it is very ripe, we then leave the immediate area, it follows. While looking at Jones soda, A large "in charge" black lady comes in the isle, her face contorts, followed by a "Damn This asile smells!"
Moral of the story??
My G/F rules, even my heinous anus.

::Sitting on my bed trying to think of "S" Words, Look over at girlfriend, she has 1 leg up and her hand holding her ass I say:: "What are you doing!?" she says "Trying to shit myself" .........God I love this girl.. You had to be there.. Trust me..

Do you know what the bible says about fucking your sister?!
-"Say it ain't so"

Ha Ha , no seriously its funny.