Brother Scott

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You found this, now you have proof god hates you

"What Up?"

What's up?: A time honored expression of greeting nowadays; or finding out what's going on with someone. However it quickly becomes used to excess; especially between friends. Nothing makes me want to stop talking to someone faster than being asked "What's up?"; especially after you've already said hello. You'd think after you asked them the first five times and nothing new was going on since yesterday you'd get the hint. Then again that's giving some people far too much credit. Why are you asking me how I am anyway? If you're the one intiating the conversation don't ask about me. I didn't start this emotional love fest. You apparently had some reason for striking up a conversation with me; get on with it already. Don't waste both our times asking pointless questions.


Schizoid:Very High

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"I think about you alot"
I think about you alot: This is usually said by a woman with the intention of making a man feel like she cares ofr him. Hey she's thinking about him right? Wrong. What they haven't told you is that while she's thinking about you she's usually off somewhere with another guy; congratulations you're her backup plan. After about the 20th time of hearing however; no matter how obtuse the man is he's going to start getting ideas that you're lying to him. Here's an idea; instead of saying worthless crap that doesn't mean a damn thing howabout actually acting through with some of those emotions. After all you're thinking about them all the time aren't you? Oops guess not. Just don't say anything at all; believe it or not it's better for everyone.

Just quit now, trust me, your weaker for it