Brother Josh

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Something to make your mind .. cry.

"Computer Excorcisim made easy"

" and the machine did believe that its victory was at hand, for the human was beaten, weak, and weary of battle. The machine rose to level one final, fatal blow when the human, his every other weapon exhausted, brandished a small binder of disks. The machine paused to analyze this meager tool but reeled back when it read the disks' label: "System Restoration Kit". The machine, stunned like one who had just had victory snatched from his hands in a mere heartbeat, could not believe what it was seeing. Regaining its senses, it tried to flee, but the disks were faster. They caught up with the machine, and it thrashed about violently as its very soul was drawn forth from it. "I had you defeated!" It screamed, a moment before its very essense was withdrawn. The Reformatting was at hand. The human had won."

- Brother Josh

Smite the metallic beasts!